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“A Renaissance man gone awry” – Penn State Hazleton

My cabinet of wonders contains many strange and curious items.  Shows can range from a short attention getting demonstration of one item that lasts just minutes, like fire eating, to a carefully crafted journey through a dozen items that lasts an hour, like a stage show.  Most items are for everybody to enjoy while a select few are reserved for audiences without young children.

This is just a sample of items and more items are being collected and added.  Some future items will include a ladder of swords and an old key with a haunted past.

100 feet of rope is used to find out how two people work together to secure, knot, and bind, and how one person alone can work to be free.

A stainless steel nail is used to demonstrating just why Melvin Burkhart was the first to be called a Human Blockhead.

Small scraps of cloth are used to paint pictures that delight and inspire.

A taxidermy lizard from the Deep South is used to raise questions about the reality of mind reading.

A bucket of broken glass is used to show that the mind is more powerful than the body when bare feet walk across thousands of tiny shards of glass without injury. 

A “What is it?” is a mysterious specimen presented for you to come to your own conclusion as to just what it is.

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