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To inspire wonder, to prove the impossible is possible, and to preserve the past.

Worried that American invention of the carnival sideshow would slip into the past I attended classes with Todd Robbins in Coney Island, New York.   There I learned invaluable history and mechanics of the classic “working acts.” The next year I was very fortunate to work with Harley Newman and learned more history and skills as well as seeing ways to break free from old ideas and conventions.  I continue to work and learn from as many folks as I can and am thankful that the Sideshow Gathering is held almost in my backyard and that so many fans and performers are so generous with their time and knowledge.

With a set of interesting skills like fire eating and straitjacket escaping, what was I to do?  With the help of Harley and our great class (please see the links page for a photo) I choose to demonstrate that something you once thought was impossible may actually be possible.   I always present a positive and uplifting show where escapes are presented as a challenge to overcome and physical feats are wonders of the amazing powers of mind over matter.   I hope that audiences will be inspired to free themselves and that there is still some wonder left in this world and that they need to seek it out.

Having personally learned some of the traditions from the past, I also seek to interview performers to preserve their stories and experiences.  As well as collect artifacts to inspire into the future. 


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